Auto Transport Service now Available!

By Joe Russo on Thursday, June 13th, 2019 in General.

If you need your car transported to and from Florida, we now offer door to door service. We charge $1 per mile plus expenses. One of our professional drivers will bring your car directly to your home. No waiting or promises that the car will be there within 2 weeks. We make the arrangements to be there on a specific day and we deliver! We cover the entire United States based on availability. Your auto insurance will cover this trip. We are not allowed to use our commercial insurance for any vehicles other than our own. If the trip is longer than 12 hours, our driver will need a hotel room for the night. You will pay for gas and a plane ticket back to the nearest airport. We always try to get the lowest possible price for airfare. You can book the airline for our driver if you prefer. We are now auto transport service because our customers have repeatedly asked to help them with their vehicles. We have been in business in Sarasota for over 16 years. We are 100% reliable and professional in every way. Some of the most popular States that we cover auto transporting to and from are, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina and Virginia. Most auto transporters promise you that they can deliver your car within a 2 week time period. They take your deposit and wait for a carrier who may be going in your direction to add your vehicle to his truck. It could sometimes take more than 2 weeks and most people do not or cannot wait that long to be without a vehicle. We understand your need to have your car when you go back home and when you book auto transport with us, we make sure that your car is delivered on the date that we agree on.


Call our office for full details.