Making Destination Management Easy

Choose Primetime Limousine INC. for your destination management, where communication and professionalism take center stage. With 15 years of experience transporting groups in Sarasota, they prioritize direct communication with event coordinators, understanding the importance of minute-by-minute updates and addressing last-minute changes promptly. They aim to make group transportation stress-free, allowing you to shine as a superstar in selecting an organized Destination Management Company (DMC). At Primetime, it's not about excuses; it's about delivering results that impress your leaders and make your job easier.

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Contact Primetime Limousine INC. for a personalized discussion about event transportation services for your group, allowing them to grasp the unique aspects of your event. Share your specific goals for transportation, the expected number of attendees, preferred food choices, ideal hotel preferences, interest in daily excursions, and the schedule for your meetings. The more details we have about your group, the better they can tailor this experience to precisely match your expectations.


Primetime Limousine INC. will compile a comprehensive manifest for your easy access to daily transportation details. This manifest will be regularly updated and include passengers' names, cell numbers, vehicle types, flight information, meeting points, and pickup/drop-off addresses. Additionally, any special requests will be incorporated into this detailed report.

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Day of Events

Every morning, Primetime Limousine INC. will provide you with the daily manifest, including driver information for each vehicle. Their staff will be present at the Host Hotel each morning to assist in coordinating your group's departures. At the close of each day, Primetime Limousine INC. will review the next day's events and incorporate any last-minute changes for seamless planning.

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